Monday, 15 April 2013

Outfit of the day!

Today I thought I'd do a post on my outfit of the day because I haven't done one yet and I love reading other blogs which feature this kind of post! It always gives me outfit ideas for myself and almost every time I read one it makes me want to purchase at least one part of the outfit.

At the moment I am currently travelling back to uni (which is a huge bore) and I cannot be bothered to go back. But hey ho only 3 weeks until I return and 6 weeks until I'm home for summer! I'm quite enjoying this warm(er) whether with a bit of sun peeping through which makes me a little bit happier and I've even got my sunnies on!

Today's outfit features a some new purchases and some of my favourite bits I've had for a while! I recently bought a gold necklace from H&M, it's a bit different to the gold chains around at the moment, and I like different! My top is also from H&M and since I've been wearing so many tight peplum tops pretty much all the time I, again, wanted something a little bit different. It's a floaty top with mech flower prints and the thing I most like about this top is it covers my bum when I where leggings! I loved this top so much I have now bought it in a black and white stripy version and a black version! With this white one though it is a little bit on the see through side so I have to wear a white strappy top underneath, which actually adds quite nicely to the outfit!

As the weather isn't quite warm enough to wear just a strappy top I have added my beloved studded leather jacket which I've had for quite a while now from Primark! I loved my sisters leather jacket from miss Selfridge and constantly wore it throughout last summer so when I saw this one in Primark for £25 I had to get it and I can proudly say its definitely had my money's worth! I barely take it off!

On the bottom half I am wearing my black leggings and for those of you who know me well that won't come as a surprise! I don't think I've worn a pair of trousers in years! And on my feet I am wearing my black suede creepers which I find very comfortable and perfect for travelling.

I have to admit this is probably turning into one of my favourite outfits and its great cause it isn't a pricey one either!
So let me know what you think of this outfit, I love to hear and read your comments!


Gold Necklace £3.99 H&M, White Floral Top £7.99 H&M, White Cami Top £2 Primark, Black Full Length Leggings £8 Next, Studed Leather Jacket £25 Primark.


  1. Gorgeous outfit, love the detail on the top! I also find creepers really comfy :)

    Kamila xx

  2. Love the top, so pretty! I tend to live in leggings too :)
    Poppy | far away

  3. That gorgeous necklace!! Looks amazing with the white top xx

  4. Really love your necklace! Love statement necklaces that are unique!

    I found your blog through #bbunch bloghop hun :). You have a lovely blog, I've followed!