Tuesday, 4 June 2013

May's Best Buys!

I seriously cannot believe how fast this year is going! I finished my second year at uni just over a week ago and I've been really busy moving back home and visiting family for a wedding :) so now it's summer I'll hopefully have a lot more spare time to blog! Yay! Today's post features my favourite purchases from last month and they are all high street bargains!!
I absolutely love Primark, although most of the time it's a massive jumble sale mess and my boyfriend hates it, I ALWAYS seem to find exactly what I'm looking for at a great price. Firstly we have 2 dresses, one I bought for my auntie's wedding and the other is a dark grey midi dress (which I already have in light grey and a black and both from Primark too!) The white and blue dress is a dip hem chiffon dress which comes with a cute little gold belt. I really liked this dress as it was perfect as a wedding outfit but I thought I could wear it on holiday or with a denim jacket on an evening out! It was a great buy for only £15. The grey midi dress was a replacement for my black one as I made a massive hole in it :( these dresses are great dressed down with a denim or leather jacket with sandals or converse, or you can wear them on a night out dressed up with heels! This dress was only £7.

Next up we have the beauty buys. As you can probably see from previous posts I love MUA lipsticks, so this time I bought Shade 7 and its a lovely corally colour. It's such a pretty summer shade. I'm also a massive nail varnish fan and decided I needed a colour that matched my dress for the wedding and I found this lovely glittery blue shade from Maybelline's Colour Show range, 661 Ocean Blue £2.99. 2 more buys from Primark include this cute little make-up bag for £2 and two sets of natural look lashes £1 each, which I swear by! Although I do prefer to use Eyelure glue!

These shoes were also for the wedding from New Look, £27.99, they are so comfy and look great with dresses/jeans/leggings!

I love statement necklaces and I featured the fish tail one from H&M in my last post, it was only £3.99! My newer one is from New Look priced at £4.99 and put together with both the dip hem and midi dresses just completes the look.
New Look 
I've become a little obsessed with bows for your hair and loved this white lace one from Claire's Accessories for £4. It looks really cute when you want to chuck your hair on top of your head and place the bow underneath!

The last two bits in this post are Primark buys too! The sunglasses are tortoise shell round framed with a bit of detail on the arms for only £2.50. And as I was desperate for some fake tan the day before the wedding I snapped up this Sun Kissed bottle for £2.90. I was slightly worried about using it as it was so cheap but it's actually really good! It's pretty instant but gets darker over a few hour and the excess stuff can be washed off in the shower the next morning for a natural looking tan if your like me and put it on before you go to bed! My poor white sheets never stay white for long!! 

So there you go, I apologise for the awful quality of my photos this week but if you like any of these items they are all high street buys at an affordable price! Let me know what you think, I love your comments :) 


  1. I'm kind of regretting not picking up the blue ombre dress when I was last in Primark -- may need to make another trip to get it! xxx

  2. I'm really loving H&M atm for summery stuff (no doubt thanks to their current Beyonce campaign!).

    Lipsticked Louise

  3. loving the grey maxi dress! xx

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  6. Can't believe those heels are from New Look - their sooo lovely!! Might have to get myself a pair :)
    Saadiya x


  7. I love that blue dress, I've not been in Primark for ages need to visit.


  8. That dress looks so nice!!!
    Love the blog.
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