Friday, 1 March 2013

Light Up Your Life.

I have a secret (well, not so secret now) obsession for candles. I just think they are so pretty. I love sitting in bed with a few candles dotted around the room and the ones I have lit at the moment smell absolutely gorgeous. When I moved in to my room at Uni I found that it didn't feel like it was MINE, so I decided that I would buy some candles that matched my bedding in order to bring a bit more colour to my pretty plain room. Candles are also great to use when having a relaxing bath but sadly in my Uni house there are only showers so I have to make do with relaxing in bed with my candles. But as soon as I get home for Easter Break I will be spending hours soaking in the bath with as many candles as I can get around the side and have a good relaxing pamper! 

You too can lighten up your life with candles like mine for great prices at high street stores such as Pound Land, Sainsburys and Primark.


  1. Such pretty candles! Have you tried Yankee Candles at all? Been meaning to try them for ages.

    Good luck with the blogging, I am also a newbie blogger!

  2. Love the pink candle holder. Very cute!

    Thanks for following my blog by the way :)

    Laura-Jane x