Friday, 15 March 2013

Luscious Lips.

Everyone has their favourite shade of lipstick but for me I have FIVE favourites. The shade I decide to wear completely depends on what I'm wearing or what mood I'm in and where I am going. When I was younger I wouldn't dare wear anything but a clear lip gloss, well how times have changed, now I absolutely LOVE wearing bold and obvious colours, especially red. My five faves consist of:

Clinque's 12 RED-Y TO WEAR - The thing I love most about this lip stick is it's not your average matte Red, it has a very high shine to it and makes your lips look so perfect and the shade goes with both subtle eyes or if you like the smokey look like I do. It's a great colour for a night out or an every day wear, depending on your style. I also try and keep the slanted shape in my lipsticks as it is helpful when putting on your top lip and allows you to be able to follow your lip line accurately.
Rimmel's LASTING FINISH 1000 KISSES 600 CARRY ON CHERRY - This is Rimmel's Transferproof Lip Tint and Balm. I love the colour as its bright but subtle enough for people to believe you're only wearing a lip gloss. The Lip tint is a pen at one end and the balm is to put over the top of your lips once you have applied the tint in order to lock in the colour. It is not completely non-transferable but then again I don't think any of the lipsticks that state they are, ever really are.
Maybelline's COLOUR SENSATIONAL 630 VELVET BEIGE - This shade is my favourite everyday colour. It's a brown-y shade and looks perfect with my brown smokey eyes. I wear this shade to work, uni and just out and about. It's a great colour as it is not as in-your-face as a bright red but its bold enough to make a statement. It's got a great shine to it but I do find I have to keep topping it up. People always ask what brand and shade it is and tell me how much they like it! I'd definitely recommend this shade to anyone looking to add to their everyday look.

Jemma Kidd Make Up School's HIGH SHINE SILK TOUCH LIPGLOSS 17 PETAL - These days I find it hard to find a lip gloss that I like. I find a lot of them are too sticky and you end up opening your mouth and having strings between your upper and lower lip (which is NOT a good look). However, this lip gloss is fantastic. It's not sticky and it appears on your lips the same colour as the tube shows (I find most don't come out the same colour, and sometimes not even a similar colour!). It's such a pretty shade and is great for those who like the lighter shades on their lips (hopefully more people will purchase this and we'll abolish this 'fashion' of wearing foundation for lipstick! YUCK). 
MUA Shade 11 - I was a bit sceptical about buying a MUA lipstick at first as I thought the brand MUA was just Superdrug's version of Natural Collection at Boots and didn't think it would be very good. But after seeing raving reviews of their products by my fellow blogger and friend I decided I'd give the brand a go and now I am absolutely in love with it. This lipstick is a subtle red with a lot of shine. It's no where near as bold or bright as the Red by Clinique but its perfect for the minimal make up look. I like to wear this lipstick when I want my eyes to be the defining feature of my make up but I hate going without something on my lips so this helps to give them a bit of colour. 
If you like any of these shades, or want to try out these brands yourselves, go ahead and let me know what you think of them. Or if you've got a favourite shade that you think I should try, don't hesitate to tell me as I would love to try some new shades.You can purchase these at your local Superdrug or Boots Stores, and you can purchase Jemma Kidd's range on line. xo

Left to Right: Rimmel, MUA, Maybelline, Jemma Kidd, Clinique.


  1. I'm so jealous of your lips Zo! Mine are so tiny :( XXX

    1. Aw, thanks Han but there's nothing wrong with your lips, plus you suit so many more shade of lipsticks than I do! Need my blonde hair back!! Xxx

  2. Replies
    1. They're great aren't they, I discovered them thanks to Hannah ^^ over on her blog Glitter & Sparkle :) follow for more great reviews on MUA :) xo

  3. I might have to give MUA a try as I was quite skeptical like you, but have heard/seen quite a few good reviews about all their products not just lipsticks. xx

  4. I am obsessed with MUA lipsticks £1 a pop and great colour pay off, yes please!